Active Adult Retirement in a 55+ Community

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What is an active adult, and what is this whole notion of active adult communities and active retirement all about?


Activity is vital to almost every facet of our lives, whether it is managing the various tasks and chores that are part of our daily routine. According to, the benefits of activity:

  • Be fun
  • Help you look your best
  • Improve your sleep
  • Make your bones, muscles, and joints stronger
  • Lower your chances of becoming depressed
  • Reduce falls and pain from arthritis
  • Help you feel better about yourself

Further, studies indicate that you don't have to be a tri-athelete or in top physical shape to be active. They say that moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, is generally safe for most people.


Active retirement is exactly what it sounds like - simply filling your leisure time with activity. Active Adult and Active Retirement Communities are the perfect retirement locations to help you fulfill your goals of being an active senior. Because these communities focus their overall setup around social interaction with others, as well as being designed to promote an active lifestyle - including landscaping and layout to provide walking trails, planned social activities and outings, and interest groups and clubs. By design, living in an Active Adult Community will provide you with opportunities and options sure to meet your individual tastes and interests. 


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